Designing A Ships Galley Kitchen

By Janette Mae Phillips

If you have a small kitchen (and, lets face it, most kitchens are fairly small), you could consider redesigning it in a galley format. This style of kitchen, with the cupboards and countertops ranged across the two long walls and therefore opposite each other, is a good way of maximizing space, particularly if only one person is likely to be in the kitchen at any one time. You will have a narrow corridor to move about it, but everything is easily accessible (how could it not be in such a limited space?) and it makes for efficient work practices.

But even in have a relatively large kitchen, most of us would appreciate the neatness and tidiness of space-saving ideas, such as multiple use units (where, say, you can fold out a table from underneath worktops for use when you want to serve a quick meal, or mobile units that you can prepare food on, and then move out into the dining area for serving/transporting dishes).

In fact, we can all benefit from the style and practical ideas used in actual galley kitchens. Why not go for a slightly nautical theme all round? Its easy to find spice racks that remind one of the galleried tables on ships (the brass surround that helps to prevent drinks and other items sliding off the surface when the ship is on the move), and these can be hung either inside or outside cupboard doors.

Similarly, wall shelves with a galleried edge are useful for storing items that you use on a regular basis, such as sugar, coffee, and tea. Remember, though, if you do have items on display it pays to have them all in matching, or at least coordinated, containers. These dont have to be expensiveyou could do something as simple as saving empty coffee jars, especially those with nice fitted lids, and filling them with your most frequently used dry foods.

You could bring out the nautical theme with small decorations on the walls, tooadd a picture or two of seagoing vessels, or even a brass porthole-style mirror, and away you go! A really quick and easy way of adding to the style of a kitchen is to change the door handles, and theres a huge variety of handles to pick from out there. Do remember to take one of the handles off and take it with you, though, so that you can match the length and screw width to the new one. Most are fairly standard, but if you have particularly thick panels on your cupboard doors, you may need an extra long fitting. Whether you are looking for handles online or at your neighborhood store, you are sure to find something you like, and that fits perfectly with your theme from seahorses to lobsters, and ships wheels to mini-figureheads. And there you have it a nautical or maritime-style kitchen space that will be sure to be the envy of your friends, and a great talking point for all the dinner parties youll want to prepare in your glamorous new kitchen!

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