Vital Signs That Mark Dyspraxia In Adults}

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A condition or a disorder that is associated with improper development of motor skills is termed Dyspraxia. People suffering with this condition tend to have a problem with completing, planning and carrying out motor tasks. The task can range from as simple as waving a hand to complex ones such as brushing teeth. Daily routine tasks like cooking, doing chores, household activities, driving, grooming, etc. pose difficulty and mark dyspraxia symptoms in Adults.

It is known to affect about 70 percent in males and a minimum of 2% people in general. Certain methods are employed to deal with these conditions which are physical, therapeutical and occupational.

Dyspraxia symptoms in Adults:

Gross motor coordination skills:

These are movements in large scale, such as balance, riding, hiking, etc., which are difficult to cope.

Fatigue: They get easily tired doing even small works.

Poor posture: They cannot stand or sit in one posture for long, which is due to poor muscle tone. They appear unstable and floppy around the joints. Flat feet may also be seen in such people.

Improper integration of the body: The body cannot cooperate equally on two sides in a movement. They find it hard while cycling, jumping and other sports.


Hand-eye coordination is poor: Catching, batting, driving, team work etc. are hard for them.

Improper rhythm: There is no rhythm when they perform activities like aerobics or dancing.

Clumsy gait: Adults with this condition have problems altering direction and also starting and stopping actions.

Accessory movements: Movements like flapping arms during running seem exaggerated.

They tend to bump into things often. They might trip and fall frequently.

Fine motor coordination skills:

These are actions involving small movements.

Manual actions: Adults with this condition cannot handle tasks involving both the hands effectively. These actions are cleaning, art and craft work, cooking, playing music, ironing, etc.

Manipulative skills: Skills like handwriting, typing, drawing, etc. are improperly done as the grip is not certain, and they cannot hold onto a straight line. Hence, they find handling tools, locks, etc. very difficult.

They find it hard to properly dress and groom themselves. Fastening laces, tying bands, shaving, braiding, etc. are hard to handle and can be erratic

They cannot stick to one hand at one time.

May repeat often while talking and find organizing and sequencing difficult.

Their speech is at an uncontrollable pitch and rate. It is not clear and pronunciation is defective.

Other Dyspraxia symptoms in Adults:

Tracking, relocating, poor perception of vision, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, touch sensitivity, learning problems, memory issues, accuracy issues, understanding problems, impulsive, difficulty in sleeping, low self-esteem and slowness while adapting, are other dyspraxia symptoms in Adults.


We only have assumed the causes of Dyspraxia as the researchers havent been able to pinpoint anything with confirmation. It is thought that the main cause of this disorder is the improper development of the motor neurons in infants due to which proper connections arent formed and hence the messages from the brain fail to get transmitted to the muscles. This theory explains the lack of coordination of motor skills. Again, due to the inability of neural messages to get properly transmitted, the cognitive behavior is affected. Hence children might be born with Dyspraxia. Few causes may be-

Premature birth

Low body weight during birth

Genetic causes

Carelessness of pregnant mother- alcohol or drug intake by mother during pregnancy. Etc

However, in case of adults, sudden occurrences of Dyspraxia symptoms may be due to any serious head-injuries or head-stroke or are the same right from birth. According to experts, 10 percent people suffer from mild dyspraxia symptoms, although only 2 percent is severely affected by it.

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