Transferring Music From An I Pod To A Pc How It’s Done

By Robert D. Crandell

When you have an iPod, you may have noticed that you can transfer music from your computer into it, but not the other way around. This has been done by the apple company in order to secure that you can’t illegally distribute songs that you have purchased and transferred in your iPod. However, illegal distribution is not often the case why people would like to transfer music from their iPod to their PC. It could be that your computer crashed and after reformatting the drive, you want to transfer the music that you have from your iPod to your PC and for other legal reasons.

Since iTunes does not support iPod to PC music transfer, some people will tell you that you should get software to do so. This type of software has functions similar to that of iTunes, but with the additional feature of allowing iPod to PC music transfer. However, you can copy the music from your iPod without the need to purchase software to do so. You can simply follow the given steps in doing so:

1. Open the “My Computer” icon on your desktop or by selecting it from the start menu. Then from there, select “tools” then click “folder options”. This will then open an advance setting. Click the “View” tab and look for the “Hidden folder” options. Tick the box corresponding to the “show hidden files and folder”.


2. After setting the folder options, connect your iPod to your PC using the USB cable. Look for the USB drive corresponding to your iPod that will appear and open it. Go to the “iPod_control” folder, and then open the “music” folder. You will notice that there are several songs that are scattered in different folders with scrambled file names. These are the song files that are in your iPod which you will be transferring to your PC. Although they have scrambled file names, the ID tags and other information are still intact.

3. Create a new folder in your desktop. After doing so, copy all the scattered music files in your iPod and place them inside the folder that you have just created. Copying may take awhile, depending on how many songs you are transferring from your iPod. You should have all the scrambled songs saved in a single folder after completely copying the scrambled music files.

4. After completely copying all the music files into the folder that you’ve created, open up your iTunes. From there, go to Edit on the menu bar, and then click preferences. This will open another option box with several tabs. Click the “advanced” tab and make sure to tick the box with the option “Keep iTunes media folder organized”.

5. The next step is to select “File” from the menu bar, then click “add folder to library”. Look for the folder where you have stored the copied music files from your iPod. Since you ticked the “Keep iTunes media folder organized” box, iTunes will automatically start renaming the files and restoring the right information like from which albums they belong, their original file name and the right folders. This process may take some time, depending on the number of songs you copied.

There you have it. I hope this helps.

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