Preserve The Beauty Of Your Travertine With Simple Stone Solutions

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Simple Stone Solutions is one of the leading companies when it comes to household cleaners. A broad assortment of travertine floor and counter cleaners and even cleaning tools are being offered by the brand. The company wants to make sure that our homes are always sparkling with cleanliness and that our surroundings are always free of bacteria and other germs.

Whatever amount of dirt or stain you have on your travertine tiles, you can be sure that Simple Stone Solutions has the right product for it. There are a variety of Simple Stone Solutions cleaners for travertine and other kinds of stone, both for minimal and heavy dirt and stains. There is a daily travertine cleaner that can be used to maintain the neat appearance of the stone. It does not even require to be rinsed off, so it is very easy to use. This travertine cleaner can also be used on other kinds of stone like granite, limestone, and marble. In addition to these, the company offers a heavy-duty stone cleaner that is specifically designed for large amounts of dirt and stains that seem impossible to remove. This cleaner promises to remove those dark spots on your travertine tiles in just a matter of minutes.

Another effective travertine cleaner offered by Simple Stone Solutions is the Stone Scrub. This is similar to the Heavy-Duty Stone Cleaner, as it is also formulated to effectively remove stains that have settled on the tiles for quite some time. Aside from travertine, it is perfect for use on surfaces made of glass, ceramic, and porcelain, and would surely not damage or scratch the object.


After using a travertine cleaner, it is important to keep the tiles clean and to protect them from further damage. Therefore, it is recommended to use products that can keep stains, germs, and bacteria from settling on the surfaces of your travertine tiles. Simple Stone Solutions has products, such as the Stone Sealer and the Stone Polish, that act as sealers to prevent foreign agents from landing on the travertine stones. The Simple Stone Solutions Stone Sealer is a product that is resistant to both water and oil. It prevents stains from forming on the travertine tiles, without changing their natural appearance. The Stone Sealer has a volume of 473 mL; this means that it can cover an area of 50 to 225 square feet of tiles.

The Simple Stone Solutions Stone Polish, on the other hand, is specifically made for travertine tiles set on bathroom and kitchen countertops. This is similar to the Stone Sealer, except that the latter is meant to be used on floors. The Stone Polish tends to make surfaces slippery, so it is not advisable for it to be sprayed on floors.

When looking for a very effective household cleaner, you just have to come to Simple Stone Solutions. They will surely have a household cleaner for every kind of surface and for whatever amount of dirt and stain that has settled on your precious floors and countertops.

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