Spider Vein Treatment New Orleans Clinics Offer: Sclerotherapy And Laser Therapy

Spider Vein Treatment New Orleans Clinics Offer: Sclerotherapy and Laser Therapy


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Spider veins are just like varicose veins but they are red, blue and purple and smaller veins that twist and turn. Like varicose veins they are also visible through the skin, and they often appear on the thighs, ankles, calves, and face. Their jagged and short lines sometimes look like spider webs or tree branches. And while they are generally not a health hazard, they can cause discomfort and pain in the legs. Itching and a burning sensation may also occur. In most cases, spider veins are considered a common cosmetic problem and not a serious health problem. Spider veins affect half of all women, usually becoming noticeable in women in their early 20s or for other women, in their 40s. Men are said to be affected by spider veins, too, although theirs are obscured by the hair growth on their legs.

Spider veins are commonly caused by hormone changes, injuries, exposure to the sun


Spider veins can also be a result of hormonal shifts, backing up of blood, sun exposure, injuries, pregnancy, heredity, obesity, and work situations. Women more prone to this condition are those whose job requires them to stand for very long hours and a lot of walking. People working as nurse, waitress, cooks, teachers, hair stylists, and factory workers are prone to having spider veins.

Women often feel bothered by spider veins showing in their legs since they are just unsightly and unattractive. And many women become socially uncomfortable in showing their legs because of the spider veins. Because of this, and the occasional pain and discomfort caused by the spider veins, women seek treatment in order to remove the unwanted veins. Fortunately, there are a number of safe, effective and considerably painless treatment procedures offered by various vein treatment centers or cosmetic surgery clinics located in every state in the country. In many dermatology or cosmetic surgery clinics or vein treatment centers in New Orleans, treatment options for painful spider veins include sclerotherapy and laser therapy. For pain-free spider veins, relief is achieved by self-care measures such as elevating the legs when resting and wearing support stockings.

Sclerotherapy is a common spider vein treatment New Orleans dermatology clinics offer to women to make their spider veins disappear. This is usually done by injecting a sclerosant solution into the gnarled veins, causing it to close and collapse. Spider veins will gradually disappear within two months or less, depending on the severity and size of the area affected. Some spider veins may need more than 1 treatment session, in which case, injections should be 6 to 8 weeks apart. This is an outpatient treatment procedure that requires no hospital confinement.

On the other hand, some women opt for the laser therapy treatment procedure for their spider veins. This treatment procedure works by using an intense beam of laser energy targeting the pigment in the blood. The heat from the laser energy clots and thickens the blood inside the vessel causing its collapse and closing. The collapsed vein will gradually disappear over a period of up to 2 months, for severe cases. In most cases, it may take two or more laser therapy sessions to achieve optimal results. And in some cases, laser therapy and sclerotherapy are combined for best results.

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Spider Vein Treatment New Orleans Clinics Offer: Sclerotherapy and Laser Therapy


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