Football: Paris Saint-Germain pays world record €222m to sign Neymar

Friday, August 4, 2017

Yesterday, French capital football club Paris Saint-Germain triggered a €222 million (about US$263m, £198m) buyout clause of Brazilian winger Neymar to sign him from FC Barcelona, making him the most expensive footballer of all time by breaking the previous fee record of Paul Pogba’s transfer from Juventus FC to Manchester United. Neymar signed a five year contract with Paris SG which runs until June 2022.

25-year-old Neymar made his professional debut for Santos FC in January 2009, netting 138 goals in 229 matches. He was signed by FC Barcelona in 2013. Since then, Neymar has scored 105 goals and provided 80 assists in 186 games for Barça. In four seasons at Camp Nou, Neymar won two LaLiga titles, three Copa del Rey trophies, and one each of Champions League trophy Supercopa de España. Neymar was part of Barcelona’s treble winning squad in 2014–15, and finished third in 2015’s FIFA Ballon d’Or. Neymar made an international debut at the age of eighteen. He has scored 52 goals in 77 games for Brazil.

I am extremely happy to join Paris St Germain.

Paris SG’s Qatari president Nasser Al-Khelaifi said, “Today, with the arrival of Neymar Jr, I am convinced that we will come even closer, with the support of our faithful fans, to realizing our greatest dreams”.

After penning a five-year contract, Neymar said, “I am extremely happy to join Paris Saint-Germain. Since I arrived in Europe, the club has always been one of the most competitive and most ambitious. And the biggest challenge, what most motivated me to join my new teammates, is to help the club to conquer the titles that their fans want.”

Neymar’s lawyer submitted a check of €222m to deposit Neymar’s buy-out clause at LaLiga’s headquarters, but it was rejected. LaLiga officials issued an official statement, which read, “We can confirm that the player’s lawyers came to the La Liga offices this morning to deposit the clause and that it has been rejected.[…] That’s all the information we are giving out at this moment.”

Later, Neymar’s legal representative delivered the check to FC Barcelona. A statement from Barcelona confirmed they received the payment and Neymar was no longer contracted to the club. The statement read, “On Thursday afternoon Neymar Jr’s legal representatives visited in person the Club’s offices and made the payment of 222 million euros in the player’s name with regards to the unilateral termination of the contract that united both parties.” ((es))Spanish language: ?Esta tarde, representantes legales de Neymar Jr. se han personado en las oficinas del Club y han hecho efectivo, en nombre del jugador, el pago de 222 millones de euros, en concepto de indemnización por la rescisión unilateral y sin causa del contrato que unía a ambas partes. It also said, “the Club will pass on to UEFA the details of the above operation so that they can determine the disciplinary responsibilities that may arise from this case.” ((es))Spanish language: ?el Club trasladará a la UEFA los detalles de esta operación para que depuren las responsabilidades disciplinarias que puedan derivarse de este caso. Financial fair play rules prevents European clubs from spending more than €30 million from their earnings. Paris SG was fined by UEFA in 2014 for violating financial fair play rules.

Manchester United’s manager José Mourinho, who spent about €105 million last season to sign Paul Pogba, and a reported fee of €75 million to sign Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku from Everton FC this season, said, “Expensive are the ones who get into a certain level without a certain quality. For £200m, I don’t think [Neymar] is expensive. […] I think he’s expensive in the fact that now you are going to have more players at £100m, you are going have more players at £80m and more players at £60m. And I think that’s the problem. […] So I think the problem is not Neymar, I think the problem is the consequences of Neymar.”

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp said, “I thought Fair Play was made so that situations like that can’t happen. That’s more of a suggestion than a real rule.”

French club Lille director general Marc Ingla, who had once served as Barça’s vice-president said, “It’s a blow for Barcelona. Neymar is an accelerator to this bright future of Ligue 1. The young talent pool we have here is the best in Europe. For sure we can still compete with PSG. Once you get on the pitch it’s 11 v 11 and all the transfer fees and salaries narrow a bit.”

Before the official announcement of the agreement, yesterday, Arsenal’s manager Arsène Wenger also remarked about the financial fair play and said, “Once a country owns a club, everything is possible. It becomes very difficult to respect the financial fair play because you can have different ways or different interests for a country to have such a big player to represent [that] country. It can’t justify the investments and looks unusual for the game. That’s why I always [support] football living with its own resources. You don’t look at the numbers in their absolute value anymore. Football has been for a long time out of normal society and the numbers are like the NBA in basketball, so it’s not comparable to normal life anymore. Those are the numbers. It was already out of context of society, so after it just becomes a bit extra. You cannot calculate what it brings in anymore, it’s just a number.”

On Wednesday, Neymar’s Lionel Messi posted on Instagram: “It was a great pleasure to have shared all these years with you, friend @neymarjr [Neymar]. I wish you good luck in this new stage of your life. See you tomorrow” ((es))Spanish language: ?Fue un placer enorme haber compartido todos estos años con vos, amigo @neymarjr [Neymar]. Te deseo mucha suerte en esta nueva etapa de tu vida. Nos vemos Tkm.

Barcelona’s striker Luis Suárez dedicated an Instagram post for Neymar after Lionel Messi, and said, ” My friend i wish you the best in everything that comes!!! Also thank you for your support, for everything that i learned with you and for the unique moments that we spent together!!!! Keep like this and never change love you little bro” ((es))Spanish language: ?Amigo desearte todo lo mejor en lo que viene!!! También agradecerte todo el cariño que me diste, por lo que aprendí contigo y por los momentos únicos que pasamos!!!! Seguí así y no cambies nunca te quiero hermanito.

Neymar has been assigned number 10 jersey.

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Deadly fire below US President’s Trump Tower residence

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

On Saturday, the Trump Tower, in Midtown, New York City, caught fire shortly before 18:00 EST (2200 UTC) on the 50th floor, claiming the life of a 67-year-old resident, Todd Brassner, who lived in apartment 50C. All other residents were evacuated without incident. During the fire, six firefighters received non-life-threatening burns and other minor injuries. Neither US President Donald Trump nor the First Family were in the building at the time of the fire.

The high-end Fifth Avenue address is the personal residence of President Donald Trump, whose family occupies the top three stories of the 58-story building. The US Secret Service maintains a constant security presence inside the building with the New York City Police Department guarding a hard perimeter, intended to stop vehicular attacks, and a soft perimeter, intended for on-foot attacks.

The four-alarm fire required 200 firemen, extra police, and paramedics. At 20:00 EST (0000 UTC Sunday), the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) declared the fire was under control. Trump tweeted, “Firemen (and women) did a great job. THANK YOU!” This is the second fire at Trump Tower since the election; previously on January 8, a fire was caused by an electrical malfunction in a cooling tower on the roof. Three FDNY firefighters received minor injuries, and all residents and office workers evacuated without incident on that occasion.

Trump Tower provides a number of unique problems never before encountered by the Secret Service. Never has a US President’s personal residence been inside a skyscraper or in a densely populated area like Midtown. The security measures have disrupted vehicular and pedestrian traffic requiring time consuming detours and delaying emergency response.

The New York Fire Code did not mandate sprinkler systems at the time Trump Tower was built in 1983, which might have reduced the size and severity of the fire had they been present. The 50th-floor apartment was, according to FDNY Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro, “[T]he apartment was virtually, entirely on fire.” The Secret Service monitors all the fire alarms in the building but it took time to find the source of the thick black smoke emanating from the fire. Secret Service Agents escorted the firefighters throughout the building, including the Trump residence.

Brassner, the sole casualty, was unconscious when firefighters pulled him out of apartment 50C. He was transported to Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital. Originally listed as critical, he was pronounced dead sometime during the night. Brassner, guitar collector, was acquainted with artist Andy Warhol and was acknowledged in Warhol’s 1989 autobiography, The Andy Warhol Diaries. The cause of the fire is unknown, with investigations into Brassner’s death and the emergency response ongoing. Currently, the Secret Service leads the investigation.

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Get Rid Of Flies With The Charcoal Companion Electronic Fly Swatter

By Everett Woods

Do you love barbecues and outdoor picnics in your backyards? Well, who doesn’t? But the menace of bugs and flies can often restrict you from having a rocking time. Until just recently the only reliable way to kill a fly was using be with a flyswatter. As you no doubt have experienced firsthand, the fundamental problem with this method is that flies can sense the air movement of the swatter and fly away at the last instant.

Now modern technology has the solution to getting rid of flies in your home with the Electronic fly swatter. This handheld pest controlling device gives a brief but powerful current or electric shock when the insect is in range. They are designed to kill insects quickly and cleanly and they never miss.

YouTube Preview Image

The Charcoal Companion Electronic fly swatter has been specifically designed to keep bugs absent from your next barbecue. All this can be done without using any kind of unsafe insect sprays. This model has been designed on very similar lines of the flyswatter. It is technically a handheld bug zapper, which has been given a cool shape of tennis racket. With the device you can now kill insects as they come in contact with the electric current. As any bug or insect touches the surface of the racket “net’, it gets electrified.

Basically this zapper operates on only two AA batteries. So you are saving on power and avoiding the hassles of using a manual bug swatter. Also, this device has been created for safety and activates only if you press two buttons on the handle, simultaneously. Hence, you need worry about your kids or pets running over it or getting hurt because of it. This bug zapper is absolutely safe for both indoor and outdoor use. But you should remember to be careful when you switch it on. This swatter has a tendency to cause a shock once it activates, even though it’s minor. It can scare some people. All of those who want to practice some arm exercises or want to be armchair athletes can try out the Charcoal Companion Electronic fly swatter.

It features a new sport of choice with a kick. All kinds of unwary winged creatures like insects and bugs, within your range can be swatted. When you look at the Charcoal Companion Electronic fly swatter on first glance you would notice that it is not a tennis racket. But it is actually a swatter, which helps you to improve your back hand without a ball. You can make sure that all the bugs roaming around the house can be swatter with the Bug Zapper. The wires ‘go live’ only when you want, but don’t consume any power other wise. Instead of using the unsafe insect spray or similar kinds of bug repellents opt for the safer swatter. It has been proven that inhaling these repellents can be harmful for your body. So, it is recommended that you choose simpler and easier options to get rid of the bugs and have a great barbecue.

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best electronic fly swatter

reviews and get rid of flies now.


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Australian government announces study of tax system

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Australian federal treasurer, Peter Costello, has announced a study to compare the Australian taxation system with those of other countries. It will include overall tax levels, as well as indirect tax, income tax and company tax systems. Mr Costello says that the results are intended to inform discussion of the future of the tax system.

“The aim of the study is to provide a public document that compares Australian taxes to those in other countries. This will identify those areas where Australia leads comparable countries and those areas where it lags. It will enable a focus on the most important areas,” Mr Costello said in a media release.

The study will be lead by Mr Richard (Dick) Warburton and Mr Peter Hendy. Mr Warburton is Chairman of Caltex Australia Ltd, and has been Chairman of the Board of Taxation since its inception in September 2000. According to its website, the Board of Taxation is “a non-statutory advisory body charged with contributing a business and broader community perspective to improving the design of taxation laws and their operation.”

The Australian Democrats welcomed the study but warned that nothing would be achieved without serious reform of the tax system.

“The Inquiry announced yesterday by the Treasurer may turn out to be a step in the right direction but will be a pointless exercise if it ends up being simply a ‘desktop’ report,” said Senator Murray, Democrats Tax Spokesperson.

“The problem with Mr Costello’s approach is that in contrast to the approach taken on the GST, the New Tax System, and the Business Tax System, he has seen income tax change to be solely part of the budget process. Across the whole of the political and public policy spectrum, there is strong agreement that reform is needed, not just tax cuts, and that the income tax system needs redesigning, not just fine tuning.”

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Public Relations Trends In 2012

The trend of public relations activities moving to the web has finally come to full fruition. Today, most public relations firms spend more time, as they get more bang for their buck, promoting their client’s needs online. We can expect this trend to continue far off into the future, the pendulum shift has occurred. Okay so, I’d like to talk about this for a few moments if I might.

Click the link for particulars about pr agencies.

Soon we will see a reemerging trend where public relations firms have reached all of the folks they possibly could on the social networks, but they will realize that they are still missing a good percentage of the population. Therefore they will use new tools, and strategies to reach these folks.

Coincidentally, as of the writing of this article there was a very interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal on February 11, 2012 by Carl Bialik where he asks in the title of his article; “Tweets As Poll Data? Be careful That,” and in the article he states;

“Public opinion researchers’ jobs has never been easier, or never been harder, depending on how you look at it. Reaching people by phone and convincing them to answer a 20 minute call is a bigger challenge than ever. At the same time, hundreds of millions of people are voluntarily broadcasting their views via twitter, Facebook and other online tools.”

Further, many corporations recently have made severe mistakes attempting to promote their activities online, only to find a minority of discontent go viral on them, causing them to cut short their public relations efforts, as they ended in a fiasco perhaps, even diminishing their brand name more than ever in such a very short period of time. Suffice it to say, there are some online public relations firms who do an incredible job, and understand the Internet quite well, but beware.

Not all of these PR firms are the same as those of the past, meanwhile PR companies are challenged by small startup firms, and former executives and laid-off personnel in the public relations space who have decided to start their own companies working out of home offices. This has caused a significant drop in the amount of fees these types of companies can bill their clients for – we should expect this to continue.

If the name of the game is to put something up which is trendy, noteworthy, and has viral ability – then many of the older firms will be running redline against the one-person operations who catch a lucky break and get their clients the 15 minutes of fame they need to feel good about spending money on PR campaigns. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and watch these trends as they fold in the future. Just so you don’t miss anyArticle Search, you might wish to subscribe to my articles.

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Auto parts maker Delphi plans to cut 8,500 jobs; union contracts

Friday, March 31, 2006

The world’s second largest auto parts maker, Delphi Corporation, has announced today that 8,500 salary workers may be out of a job soon as part of a major restructuring plan, which will also include voiding the contract with the UAW union. The move would also shutdown over a third of its factories worldwide, including twenty one located in the United States.

Eight plants in the U.S. are slated to continue operating. Those located in Clinton, Mississippi, Brookhaven, Mississippi, Lockport, New York, Rochester, New York, Warren, Ohio, Vandalia, Ohio, Kokomo, Indiana, and Grand Rapids, Michigan will continue to serve as Delphi properties. The rest of the factories are said to either be sold to other companies, or to be closed entirely.

The plans were brought up to a bankruptcy judge earlier today. In addition to the proposed closings and layoffs, 34,000 workers may experience cut wages and less benefits. Hourly workers wages will drop from $27 to $22 an hour soon, and will further decrease to $16.50 in late 2007.

Delphi previously filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October 2005. In the original filing, requests were made to drop the hourly wages down to $12.50 an hour.

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Must Visit Sights In Nyc

Submitted by: Kellylisa040 Kelly

New York, a famed, colourful and vibrant city visited by large number of tourists every year offers numerous interesting places to see. It offers a unique entertaining and educational experience to people of all ages. The best way to experience New York is by taking the NYC bus tours. Bus tours provide tourists an all new experience and a fresh perspective on the Big Apple.

You can select from a wide range of tour packages at reasonable prices. These are fully organized tours with an experienced tour guide. These tours ensure that you don t slow down or miss any attractions. You can explore the city at your leisure without having to worry about parking, driving, traffic etc.

On your one day sightseeing NYC bus tour, you ll see some of the top attractions that the city has to offer. Here are some of the must visit sights in New York City:

YouTube Preview Image

Wall Street Wall Street is the heart of the financial district of New York. This place is synonymous with money and is home to the New York Stock Exchange.

Metropolitan Museum of Art – NYC is well known for its patronage of the arts. You can join in its appreciation with a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With more than 2 million works, The Met features art from classical antiquity to Ancient Egypt and paintings from the masters all over the world.

Famous Buildings Visit the United Nations Building, Empire State Building, and the Rockefeller Center. The UN building has served as the official headquarters of the United Nations since 1952. The famous Empire State building towers over the city at an astonishing 102 story and was the world s tallest building for 40 years. Named for John D. Rockefeller, the Rockefeller Center is a national historical landmark and home to Radio City Hall the 70 floor 30 Rock building.

Statue of Liberty Cruise Your trip to NYC is incomplete if you miss to visit the Statue of Liberty. This world-famous statue in New York harbor is best known as a center of immigration in the United States.

Times Square Also known as “The Crossroads of the World,” this major intersection in midtown Manhattan, is a world-famous icon of both New York City and the United States.

There are many other attractions across NYC where the bus will pass by. Apart from the sightseeing tour, you can also book a New York City bus tour package that takes you to other parts of the city or visit attractions and places outside the city. There are numerous bus tour packages available online that offer trips to renowned museums, landmarks, cultural institutions, world-famous Central Park and other iconic destinations.

So, what you waiting for, visit New York and see the creativity, harmony, and sweetness that make this city such a wonderful place to live. Book your New York City Bus Tour packages right away for an unforgettable holiday experience.

For more information on Bus tours to New York City you can visit our website.

About the Author: Lisa Kelly is the author of this article on New York City Bus Tour.


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Scientists find key human language gene

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Researchers have found a crucial genetic difference between humans and chimps that could help explain our language and speech abilities. The difference lies in a gene called FOXP2 which encodes for a protein of the same name. This acts as a transcription factor, controlling the activity of other genes.

The human and chimp versions of the protein differ in only two of their 740 amino acid components, but when researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, replaced the human gene with the chimp version in neurons grown in the laboratory, they found it affected the expression of at least 116 other genes.

The results are detailed in a paper published on Thursday in the scientific journal Nature.

Author of the study Dr. Daniel Geschwind, of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, said the gene had a “major role” in differences between chimps and humans. “We showed that the human and chimp versions of FOXP2 not only look different but function differently too.”

We believe FOXP2 is not only important for the higher order cognitive aspect of language but also for the motor aspect of speech and language

Some of the affected genes control the formation of connections in the brain, whilst others relate to facial movements. Several have already been found to be involved in language disorders. Mutations in FOXP2 itself were also known to affect speech and language; the gene was first identified in members of a family suffering from language problems who were found to share a genetic mutation.

Frances Vargha-Khadem at University College London has studied patients with FOXP2 mutations, and agrees with the new research. As well as language problems, some of her subjects have changes in the shape of their jaws, mouths and tongues. She thinks that chimps may also have these differences.

“We believe FOXP2 is not only important for the higher order cognitive aspect of language but also for the motor aspect of speech and language,” said Genevieve Konopka, one of the authors of the paper at UCLA.

Previous research indicates that the changes in FOXP2 occurred around 200,000 years ago with the rise of modern humans. Geschwind also suggests that several of the related genes may have evolved together. Preliminary studies have shown signs that they too emerged relatively recently.

Scientists are now keen to further study FOXP2 and the genes that it affects. Geschwind believes this could eventually lead to breakthroughs in treatment for disorders such as autism and schizophrenia, which affect language skills.

The study was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, the A.P. Giannini Foundation and the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression.

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Hurricane Dennis makes landfall on Gulf Coast near Pensacola

Monday, July 11, 2005

Hurricane Dennis regained strength during its north-westerly crossing of the Gulf of Mexico to surge into Florida’s western panhandle near Mobile, Alabama with Category 3 force that packed sustained winds of 120 mph.

Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Escambia were the first Florida counties hit by the eyewall of the hurricane at 3:25 EDT Sunday afternoon.The small storm eye of the powerful hurricane spared the region more major destruction.

The compact storm picked up travel speed from 14 to 18 mph as it came to within 3 hours of landfall, where the storm’s eye made for the Pensacola Bay. Its strength suddenly dropped from Category 4 before it struck land and moved swiftly inland. It continued to gain speed, traveling at 21 mph, while its strength sapped to Category 2 on a track into the Ohio Valley.

Residents of Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola who remained in the region, were told hours before the storm’s arrival that storm shelters were full, and they were urged to stay home or find other shelter. In Escambia County Florida, officials announced at 2pm they were no longer able to respond to 911 calls for help due to the high winds.

The storm came 10 months after Hurricane Ivan, which struck the panhandle and Mobile Bay region last year. Dennis landed just 50 miles east of Ivan’s, where recovery efforts from that storm were still ongoing. The Dennis landfall matched Ivan’s Category 3 wind speeds.

Power outages were reported in Mobile and across the panhandle. Florida governor Jeb Bush promised in a televised press conference that all efforts to restore power would be done as quickly as possible so that, “people can help themselves” recover from the storm. A hospital administrator at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola said it lost power at 2:30pm, and can operate 60 hours using back-up power generators.

Sunday evening, President Bush declared that Florida has major disaster areas, making the state eligible for FEMA assistance.

In Alabama, interstate highway I-65 was re-routed for northbound traffic only when an evacuation order was issued on Friday, by Governor Riley, for Mobile and Baldwin counties. Northern parts of the state, up into the southern part of Tennessee, were booked full with those who evacuated. A curfew lifted Sunday at 6pm in the city of Mobile.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast region was victim of the Category 5 storm, Hurricane Camille, in 1969.

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